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I've been writing since I was 8 years old, starting out with silly little ditties about my pets and the rain. After writing plays and a couple of small adventure books while in elementary school, I settled into pursuing journalism in junior high school.  Editorials, movie and television reviews, and my own comic strip were fun, but I wanted so badly to say something important, share the thoughts in my head and the feelings in my heart. In high school I wrote stage programs, assemblies which were presented to the entire student body.
In college, while working hard to earn a degree in mechanical engineering, I began to write in a journal, trying to record my thoughts about the many things going on in my life.  I found myself bored to tears, though, with the mundane entries that seemed to go nowhere.  That familiar longing from elementary school and junior high came back to haunt me, that desire to say something important, to share my thoughts and emotions.  So I began to write poetry and prose, often in a creative way that played with the English language.  My first book, Soul Sketches, is the result of many years of exploration into my deepest feelings about life and the human experience.
Once I got out in the working world, I found myself traveling for a manufacturer of radiant floor heating systems.  I recorded all the details of what I did and where I went with trip reports, which over time became long drawn out narratives of not only where I went and who I visited with, but some of the crazy experiences along the way.
Then, in 1999, I dove into the world of Civil War reenacting.  Already having found my voice for narrative writing within my trip reports, I began writing battle reports, chronicling my exploits as I experienced battles and living history events in the reenacting world. My new series of books about my experiences in reenacting is called Cooter Up! The Adventures of a Civil War Reenactor.  Volume 1 of this series, entitled Seeing the Elephant, is currently available through this website (the Books page), as well as on and
Watch this page for further developments.  My books are for sale online (See my Books page) and are now appearing in some bookstores locally.  Also please take a look at the page for my Civil War reenacting group!
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