ABI Marketing Plan

One of my immediate priorities as Director of Marketing for ABI Attachments was to put together the first ever Marketing Plan for the company. This would serve to provide direction for my team in the marketing department, but also serve as a reference for the rest of the company as well.

As the new CEO was working on updating the strategy for the company, the other Directors and I worked closely with him to rewrite or update the Vision, Mission Statement, and Core Values for the company to make sure that they accurately reflected and aligned with the culture and purpose we saw already in the company.

After that, it was our responsibility to develop a plan and a budget for each of our departments to accomplish the 3-Year Strategic Plan for the company which included aggressive growth and net profit goals for the company.

The first part of the process for me was searching for, collecting, and documenting the various pieces of a Marketing Strategy that already existed but had never been documented before, including the product mix, pricing strategy, audience segmentation, and competitor research.

With the existing Marketing Strategy documented, and the Business Strategy and Goals clearly identified, I was then able to determine the financial and non-financial goals for our department for the year. With those in mind, the next step was to develop a project and tactic plan for the department for us to accomplish those goals.

And finally, with all the strategies and plans in place, I was able to work closely with the Director of Finance to develop the first ever, zero-based annual budget for the Marketing Department so we could track our expenses and make sure we were being efficient and effective with our spending.