FDS Body Wash Photography

The Challenge

When Wellspring Consumer Healthcare was ready to launch a new product line, they brought Pathfinders in the provide conceptual creative direction to their marketing campaign. As part of the project, another Art Director and I worked closely together to creative some experimental splash photography to support a couple of the concepts that were being presented.

Set Construction

Together, we constructed a rig to create a curtain of water that would fall around the product. We also designed the lighting setup and surrounding set to light the product in the most flattering way but also give us good detail in the water.

Expanding Creative Options

To support another conceptual direction, we also constructed a water table set where we could photograph the whole family of products along with physical examples of scent cues like coconuts, cucumbers, and tangerines. This allowed for us to get real, practical splashes that interacted with the product and the surface reflection.